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Overview about Drayton Digistat Common Fault

Drayton Digistat SCR Wireless Receiver Capacitor Common Fault

If your Drayton Digistat SCR is not working correctly it may be
due to a common fault where the capacitor inside the receiver becomes defective over the life of the product. The capacitor is soldered to the circuit board inside the unit and can be replaced to rectify the problem.

This Iskra capacitor is direct replacement for those used in Drayton, British Gas and Iflo branded wireless thermostat receivers.
Iskra are the exact supplier for these wireless systems and replacing with an original equipment manufacturer part ensures that the unit will operate as the manufacturer intended.

This fix is a cost effective solution and extends the life of the receiver saving the need for an expensive replacement unit.

Detailed Description

A capacitor is used to reduce the AC mains voltage from 230V down to approximately 24V. Over time the capacitor becomes defective and the voltage drop increases. There is then not enough voltage available to operate the relay on the receiver circuit board to switch the heating on. The resultant symptom is that the ‘Heating on’ green light turns on upon demand but there is no audible click from the relay and the boiler fails to fire up. On combination boilers the direct hot water is not affected, only the central heating will not work.

This capacitor can be replaced by a competent DIY-er but it is recommended you use an electrician if you have any doubts.

Depending on the year of manufacture an Iskra KNB1560 or KNB1530 0.68uF capacitor was used inside these units. The difference between these two item numbers is the size of the capacitor plastic casing. The capacitance value of the component is exactly the same. The item sold on this website is the Iskra KNB1560 0.68uF capacitor.